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Scythe Shuriken Rev. B SCSK-1100 - Processor Cooler - ( Socket 478, Socket 754, Socket 940, Socket 775, Socket 939, Socket AM2, Socket AM2+, Socket 1366 ) - 100 Mm

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Shuriken Rev B SCSK1100


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Shuriken Rev. B SCSK-1100 the most suitable Intel cooler improvement. I'm sure you will love that it has got this feature, for intel lga1366, lga1156, lga775, amd am3, am2+, am2, 939. Other features consist of pwm fan speed, noise control, copper heatpipe quiet cpu fan cooler and 10. 5-31. 67d ba 11. 8-31. 91cfm. The Intel CPU cooler has got a weight of 1.14 lbs. ###start### shuriken rev. b scsk-1100 ###end###. For the best offer for this item in addition to other products, check out the link on this site.

Scythe Shuriken Rev. 91CFM for Intel LGA1366, LGA775, AMD AM3, AM2+, AM2, 939: SCSK-1100 (Rev B) (PWM, Retail) Extreme Low Height - 64 mm! Compatibility Intel ® LGA1366 Processor Intel ® Core TM i7 Processor Extreme Edition Series Intel ® Core TM i7 Processor 9xx Series Intel ® LGA1156 Processor Intel ® Core TM i7 Processor 8xx Series Intel ® Core TM i5 Processor Series Intel ® LGA775 (Socket T) Processor Quad-Core Intel ® Xeon ® Processor 3200 Series Dual-Core Intel ® Xeon ® Processor 3000 Sequence Intel ® Core TM2 Extreme processor Intel ® Core TM2 Quad processor Intel ® Core TM2 Duo processor Intel ® Core TM Duo Processor Intel ® Pentium ® Processor Extreme Edition Intel ® Pentium ® D Processor Intel ® Pentium ® Processor Intel ® Pentium ® 4 Processor Extreme Edition supporting Hyper-Threading Technology Intel ® Pentium ® 4 Processor supporting Hyper-threading Technology Intel ® Celeron ® D Processor AMD Socket AM3 Processor AMD Phenom TM II X4 Processor AMD Phenom TM II X3 Processor AMD Phenom TM II X2 Processor AMD Athlon TM II X4 Processor AMD Athlon TM II X3 Processor AMD Athlon TM II X2 Processor AMD Sempron TM Processor AMD Socket AM2+ Processor AMD Phenom TM II X4 Processor AMD Phenom TM X4 Processor AMD Phenom TM X3 Processor AMD Athlon TM X2 Processor 8-31. 3 x Heat pipe yet Ultra Light Weight Ultra light weight as 355 g, which is nearly exactly the exact same as the box CPU cooler comes with Intel ® or AMD CPU. 67d BA 11. B SCSK-1100 Low-Profile HTPC Media Center Copper Heatpipe Quiet CPU Fan Cooler 10. 64 mm"Extreme Low Height"feature makes this product to be compatible to most circumstances in the marketplace.! Original Designed Super Slim 100 mm / 12 mm Thin PWM Fan Slim 100 mm x 12 mm thickness"Super Slim PWM Fan"which is originally designed by the Scythe engineer to make this product as low height as possible. 3 x heat pipes are build-in to this item yet this super light weight has been accomplished! 5-31.


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